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Welcome to Rerip Garage, a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

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Shopping The Garage is a one off experience that most people will enjoy. We’re not big with only two bays, but we pack a wallop- saving you loads of cash on the front end. We take trades, we can repair and maintain your Surfboards and Standup paddleboards with lifetime warranty on repairs. 

      With inventory arriving daily, it’s hard to miss at Rerip Garage.

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Solving the Waste Problem

 Rerip Garage is finally a reality that we all can celebrate. And that reality is value-something most people can appreciate in today’s economy. Our products and services  network throughout the surf industry which in itself is a small miracle to comprehend. Connecting the dots and managing global awareness has never been more fun. Our primary partner at Rerip Garage is Isle Surf and Sup. Through the Garage, Isle returns, demos and even new boards and products will make their way into fortunate individuals’ hands seeking value in their shopping experience. Surfboard recycling bins we have located up and down the California coastline at Patagonia outlet stores also offer you donated boards from area surfers looking to share the stoke. Those boards are transported back to San Diego by Firewire Surfboards’ delivery truck as they make the route back home.  

    Rerip Garage also will serve to impact the local community by accepting automobile, truck, motorcycle donations at this site as we expand our reach into the automotive industry. This garage will also serve as a training ground for our youth technical program we plan on incorporating in the near future. Stay tuned as Rerip Garage is heating up!

Our Partners

Our Future

Our future depends on a lot of factors in order to ensure it’s survival. At Rerip Garage, we take that seriously. Very seriously, to the point of educating people to take their future seriously.  Rerip also has a future goal for an educational institution dedicated on forwarding teachings with job placement in the areas of: Automotive, Surf, Home Economics, Speech Communications, Restaurant/Service Industry, to start. We look forward to doing our part in educating others in understanding the ebb and flow of industries and how they impact our daily lives.


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Rerip accepts any surfboard in any condition, including shortboards, longboards, funboards, and standup paddle boards and sporting goods.  Rerip also accepts cars, boats, motorcycles.  Monetary donations also help Rerip manifest future programs.  All gifts are tax deductible and much appreciated!! 

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